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  • The Perfect “Writer’s Bag!” October 21, 2014
    We just found the perfect “writer’s bag.”  It holds an Ipad, a book, and a good chunk of manuscript.  It’s made of buffalo leather and superbly designed by Merlin’s Hideout in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Not only that, the shoulder strap is wide and sturdy, so it distributes the weight better, and doesn’t feel heavy.  (which Kathy really […]
  • Untitled October 21, 2014
    It’s autumn and the oldest buffalo calves are just about weaned.  We can tell because the mothers kick at them when they try to nurse.  In a couple of months, they will all be on a grass diet.  They’re so beautiful this time of year.  They’re losing their summer coats and growing heavy winter hair.
  • Beautiful autumn day here.. October 17, 2014
    After an unbelievably wet and beautiful summer, the grass is finally turning brown on Red Canyon Ranch, and the buffalo are filling up on as much of the last green shoots as they can. 
  • Thanks for the great reviews! October 13, 2014
    Thank you Beth Colvin of The Advocate for your very kind review of our book about Cahokia: http://theadvocate.com/entertainment/books/9677887-123/people-of-morning-star-reveals  And thanks, also, to Betty Lytle of The Oklahoman: http://newsok.com/book-review-people-of-the-morning-star-by-kathleen-oneal-gear-and-w.-michael-gear/article/5352475/?page=2   We very much appreciate the time you each took to read the novel, and write reviews.  Thanks so much.
  • Untitled October 11, 2014
    The cultural price of war…  This is a before and after photo of the Grand Mosque in Aleppo, Syria.  It was a World Heritage site, gone now.