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  • New PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL cover! December 14, 2014
    We just saw the cover for our next hardcover, coming out in May, 2015, and love it!  What do you think?  PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL is a First Contact novel, set around A.D. 1,000, and chronicles Viking exploration of the New World and the responses of  North America’s native peoples.  The story takes place a […]
  • Cold, blustery day here December 12, 2014
     Snow is supposed to come in tomorrow, but given the sky today, it looks like it may get here a little early…
  • The Anthropocene–Interactive! December 11, 2014
    This is a great post that lets you see how humans have shaped the world in their image.  Thanks to Theresa Hulongbayan for sending this to us! http://science-junkie.tumblr.com/post/104095128707/theolduvaigorge-see-how-humans-have-reshaped#.VHz46zHF_kU     
  • Western Bison Association meeting! Just returned… December 7, 2014
      Hi All,  we just returned from the Western Bison Association Meetings in Ogden, Utah.  This is our favorite conference.  The WBA is filled with people who genuinely care about the health, safety, and happiness of the buffalo in their herds.  One of the biggest disease threats right now is an illness called mycoplasma bovis. […]
  • Finding a remote Anasazi dwelling… December 1, 2014
    Love this video!  Of course, Ben Starr has found an archaeological site known to the native peoples for around 800 years, and to archaeologists for around a century.  Many of the “rooms” that Ben finds are actually Anasazi granaries, and this remote,  high elevation site, suggests it may have been a signaling location.  The Anasazi […]