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  • Yellowstone #bison and #brucellosis…should they be released on public lands across the West? May 3, 2015
    Wonder why so many people are concerned with the Dept. of Interior’s plan to release Yellowstone bison to freely roam the public lands across the western United States?  Even if they release bison without brucellosis (and 40% of bison cows in Yellowstone test positive for brucellosis) the disease is now endemic in the elk population, […]
  • Culture…how we create “us” and “them.” May 3, 2015
    This is a fascinating article from the perspective of anthropology.  Culture is created through a process of separating “us” from “them.”  And food is certainly one of the ways we do that.  For example, if you are member of a religious culture that does not drink alcohol, the group ethic says, “We don’t pollute our […]
  • Happy Independent Bookstore Day! May 2, 2015
    Bookstores that ought to be on your Bucket List: http://go.brit.co/1zCWalI  We have signed at most of these stores, and each one is totally unique.  Such treats for bibliophiles!   Independent bookstores like your local bookstore are the heart of America.  They’re places of relaxation, learning and good old-fashioned wonder.  Please support your local bookstore today! […]
  • Cahokian civilization. Epic fire 900 years ago… May 2, 2015
    Was the epic fire that destroyed more than 100 buildings around AD 1170 an accident?  Maybe a ritual cleansing?  Or an act of warfare?  Archaeologists have lots of ideas, but the event did mark the beginning of the end.  People of the Morning Star is set about a hundred years before the great fire, but you […]
  • Is paper really dead?! May 2, 2015