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#Culture. Is there an inversion of values going on in America?

Global Warming temp increases

American culture is undergoing a dramatic shift of values. Or is it?  What do you think?  Read More:  


Does Racism explain America’s class divide? Cultural cruelty? http://www.timwise.org/2015/04/how-racism-explains-americas-class-divide-and-culture-of-economic-cruelty-an-excerpt-from-under-the-affluence/

Do you agree with Kane?  It’s an interesting hypothesis, especially the part about cultural cruelty… http://www.timwise.org/2015/04/how-racism-explains-americas-class-divide-and-culture-of-economic-cruelty-an-excerpt-from-under-the-affluence/



Is it treasure, or an object of cultural patrimony?

What should be considered “treasure” and open to treasure-hunters, and what should be considered an object, or a site, that belongs to the people of the country because of its cultural significance?  The answer is not easy.  READ MORE: 

http://cyprus-mail.com/2015/05/17/the-treasure-debate/Coins cyprus 

Religious traditionalists and Gays feel under siege…

ChristianityThere’s a culture war going on.  The one truth about culture is it always changes.  That’s how human societies survive.   http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/04/gays-religious-traditionalists-and-the-feeling-of-being-under-siege/389694/

41% of Palestinian women agree that violence against women is okay if…

Muslim women

It’s all about culture…   In Palestinian society men “own” their wives.  Girls are brought up believing they are the property of men and must obey their orders.  If they don’t, well, honor killings in Gaza since the Hamas takeover have risen exponentially.  

By the way, as the article notes, there are no Islamic texts that condone violence against women.  This is culture, folks.  A culture of violence.   



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