Love some of the quotes from the review. If you have not pre-ordered DISSOLUTION, you should. Here’s what you have to look forward to: “Gear’s novel teams with well-developed characters of varying backgrounds.” “The story wisely zeros in on Sam’s perspective…” And, “The author enriches the plausible narrative with ties to real-world events like COVID-19 as well as analogies with ancient civilizations collapsing.” Or, how about, “Despite a thorough ending, this engrossing book launches a new series.”

And the conclusion: “An absorbing, realistic dystopian tale with a superb cast.”

DISSOLUTION may be the novel that establishes a whole sub-genre: The apocalyptic Modern Western.

The way we see it, CJ Box and Craig Johnson brought modern Wyoming fiction to the world, and while Joe Pickett and Walt Longmire solve some pretty tricky mysteries, Sam Delgado has to save civilization. And he may have to at the cost of his life!