COMING in June 2021!

Coming in June, 2021!

Hi Everyone!

It always a good day in the Gear house when PUBLISHERS WEEKLY gives one of your books a great review. In this case, they reviewed THE ICE LION (Book 1 of the Rewilding Chronicles) coming out in early June: “With this engrossing series launch, Gear (Cries from the Lost Island) conjures a vivid postapocalyptic world. …This mesmerizing adventure through a world destroyed by climate change is sure to have readers hooked.” You can read the full review here:

Mike has two books coming out in June: DISSOLUTION and ADRIFT (the next book in the Donovan series). PUBLISHERS WEEKLY called DISSOLUTION, “…harrowing…” and said, “Gear (the Donovan series) conjures a frighteningly realistic dystopian future in his Wyoming Chronicles series launch.” No reviews for ADRIFT yet, but we will post when they come in!

We’ve never had individually authored books come out in the same month–let alone three from two different publishers–so this is going to be interesting.

In the meantime, we are hard at work on PEOPLE OF CAHOKIA: LIGHTNING SHELL and THE ICE ORPHAN (Book 3 in the Rewilding Chronicles) and enjoying both books immensely…

We hope springtime has come to your part of the world and you are starting to get outside in the warm weather. It’s been snowing here for the past few days, but we are looking for temperatures in the 60s by the weekend!

Mike and Kathy