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  • Beautiful morning… January 26, 2019
    Hi All, It’s a beautiful morning in northern Wyoming. Sunlight has just hit the rim of Red Canyon, turning the sandstone from deep red to bright red. The ledges are all frosted with snow, so the color contrast is stunning. We have a flock of pinyon jays sailing around the house, waiting for us to […]
  • Still summer, but not for long… September 17, 2018
    We took the dogs for a walk at 4:00 AM this morning, and the sky was stunning. Orion, The Hand constellation in the Southeastern Ceremonial tradition, was blazing just over the mountain. Now, we are off to work on PEOPLE OF THE CANYONS.
  • New Books coming… August 28, 2018
    Hi All! It’s been a busy August for us here in Wyoming. We turned in the final manuscript for STAR PATH, the latest book in the People of Cahokia series, and Kathleen also delivered the final manuscripts for the first books in her two new series: THE ICE LION, book 1 of the Rewinding Chronicles, […]
  • Special thanks…. July 24, 2018
    Special thanks to  all of our readers who have posted reviews for MAZE MASTER on a variety of sites.  I sincerely appreciate that you the time to read the book, and write a thoughtful review.  It helps. Hope your summer is wonderful!  We have had a cool delightful July here in Wyoming.  Best, Kathleen  From […]
  • An article I wrote for THE HISTORY READER July 18, 2018
      Hi All! MAZE MASTER was released yesterday! It’s wonderful to finally see a book in print, and it never gets old. Despite the number of books we’ve published, they aren’t real until we hold the actual book in our hands. My article on the science behind MAZE MASTER was just published in THE HISTORY […]