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W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear are best selling authors & award winning archaeologists who have published over 90 novels.

September 2023 Newsletter

The Visitant Part One


We hope this finds you all well, reading in health, and recovering from a summer that has spawned smiles and remarkable memories. That’s certainly been the case for us. Our memorable summer started with the Frank Waters Award for contributions to Western literature, followed by Kathleen’s Spur Award in short fiction from the Western Writers of America for her “No Quarter” short story in the Rebel Hearts anthology. “No Quarter” ended up garnering a finalist position in short fiction from the Western Fictioneers. And, as of this writing, remains a finalist for short fiction in the Will Rogers Medallion Awards. We’ll discover if it’s the winner at the awards banquet in Fort Worth this October.

And, of course, Kathleen was inducted into the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame on September 11th, which makes her fourth “Hall of Fame” induction! Some say Michael married well.

In between events we have been working nonstop on the reissue of older, previously out-of-print books. Doesn’t matter that it’s a reissue. Scanning from the original hardback introduces all kinds of new errors, typos, weird formatting issues, and the like. We have to think up creative new titles, where to break books into separate volumes, cover design, and catalog copy. It gives us a chance to go through and add another layer of polish to the story.

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August 2023 Newsletter

Gear books featured in Amazon’s bestsellers lists

Hello and Happy August!

It’s been a cool and rainy summer in northern Wyoming.  We are enjoying each drop of rain. 

We remember well the terrible drought of the early 2000s where the ranch got only five inches of rain each year. It was immensely sad to watch the bison pawing for water in the areas where springs had dried up. They had water in their stock tanks, but they remembered where the springs used to run and, we suspect, could smell water running deep in the earth. Our hearts go out to all the ranchers and farmers struggling to make it through this year. We pray that Buffalo Above brings abundant snow this winter to help the grasses and crops next spring.

This has been an interesting summer for us. 

As we told you in our last Newsletter, at the first of June we were honored to receive the Frank Waters Award, then at the end of June, Kathleen’s short story, “No Quarter,” published in the REBEL HEARTS ANTHOLOGY, won the Spur Award for the Best Short Fiction of the Year. That story, which about two slaves in the Alamo, is also a finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award, which will be announced in Fort Worth in October. If you’d like to attend, tickets can be obtained at:https://www.willrogersmedallionaward.net/award-ceremony

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June 2023 Newsletter - A SUMMER OF AWARDS!

Frank Waters Award for the Gears

The release of Michael's "Saga of the Mountain Sage" in Four volumes!

...But what does it all mean?


Greetings, all!  

June rolled down on top of us like a wave!  You'd think, after all, June usually follows May. But this year, somehow, June 1st smacked us out of the blue! One day, it was just sometime in May, and then, wham! When did that happen?

It's been a wonderous, fantastic, wet and rainy spring here in northwestern Wyoming. The greenest spring we can remember. Better even than 1979, 1987, and 1996! The country looks like Ireland. That kind of eye-popping green! The grass is thick and seeding out nicely. Lots of subsurface moisture, but we're wondering how the hay producers are coping. It's nice to grow lots of lush and magnificent grass and alfalfa, but you need warm dry conditions to cut it, dry it, and bale it. Since we're on the cusp of first cutting, we hope they get a break in the precipitation.

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March 2023 Newsletter

Wyoming Chronicles Book Series

We are just back from the Tucson Festival of the Book. Wow! What a trip!

Three days of blowing snow, ice, treacherous highways, closed roads, and an edge-of-the seat crossing of South Pass in Wyoming. The morning we drove into Tucson, the city had three inches of snow! But we made it, partly because our truck, a Ram 3500 named “The Bullet” negotiated every challenge. The Bullet? Yes!  A special thank you to our good friend Craig Johnson and Sheriff Walt Longmire for the inspiration.

Our appearance in Tucson was at the request of Wolfpack Publishing, and specifically for the official launch of After The Eagle Has Fallen, book three of the Wyoming Chronicles. And, dang, did we ever send it off with a bang! Sold over a hundred copies of our books over the two days we spent in the Wolfpack booth. Met hundreds of great people in the process, and enjoyed some of the finest writers we’ve ever been privileged to work with. Afterward, we concluded that this was the finest book event we’ve done in thirty-five years!!

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Gear Holiday Newsletter

Holiday Newsletter

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Yo Saturnalia, Joyous Soyal and many other traditions.

December is a sacred time around the world. In North America, many of the native peoples celebrate the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, and the return of the sun the next day, which is their New Year’s Day. More ceremonies occur on December 24th and 25th.

For example, the Salish say that long ago a great and good man came among their forefathers and performed miracles of all kinds. Upon leaving them, he said he would return in the form of a big white coyote. At Isleta Pueblo, they celebrate the Buffalo Dances on December 24th and early morning on Christmas Day, and at Nambe Pueblo the buffalo dancers come out in glorious horned headdresses to dance by a light of a great bonfire. The fragrance of piñon smoke drifts through the darkness as the dancers cast enormous shadows over the pueblo walls.

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October 2022 Newsletter

New Book Releases by the Gears

Happy October to All!

The mountains around us are a patchwork of gold and green, and our yard is filled with deep red Chokecherry trees and brilliant yellow aspens. In the sunlight, the leaves all seem to glow from an inner fire. It’s all just beautiful.

We just returned from celebrating our 40th anniversary (sheesh, time to diet) and have been harvesting the last of the potatoes, which are delicious. Also been mourning the fact that the tomatoes we planted needed a much longer growing season than they received in this northern country. Of course, the raccoons sleeping on the plants probably didn’t help. But the fried green tomatoes we picked are excellent, especially as an accompaniment to buffalo burgers. By the way, the buffalo are looking shaggy, losing their summer coats, and preparing to grow a heavy, winter undercoat, which consists of some of the finest cashmere in the world. They always seem relieved that cold weather has returned.  When the biting flies vanish and the dust of summer fades, they run across the pastures kicking up their heels and bounding through the tan grasses.

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