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People of the Wolf Book


It's a quiet beautiful day in Wyoming. The aspens and cottonwoods have their first touches of yellow, heralding the arrival of autumn a bit early, but it's been a cool summer here.

We were just informed that we will be the recipients of the 2023 Frank Waters Award.

"The Frank Waters Award stands for exemplary literary achievement, as well as a canon of writing that communicates a deep understanding, celebration, and love of our human nature and peoples of all races." Previous recipients are: Barbara Kingsolver, Tony Hillerman, and John Nichols.

In college, we read several of Frank Waters’ books—MASKED GODS, BOOK OF THE HOPI, PUMPKIN SEED POINT—all classics, and each left an indelible impression on us. His dedication to conveying difficult Native American spiritual concepts, the haunting beauty of the western landscape, and the character of its people, was an inspiration. Each was described in some of the most beautiful prose we’ve ever read. It's a great privilege to receive an award that bears Frank Waters' name. We are deeply grateful to Friends of the Pike’s Peak Library District for this honor.

The award ceremony will be held in Colorado Springs on June 3, 2023, and the public is invited to attend. We’ll let you know the details, as we get closer to the date.

On the book front…

PEOPLE OF THE WOLF will be on sale through the month of September for $2.99 and available on the Kindle Monthly Deal, Apple Canada Labor Day Sale (8/3 -9/6), NOOK Historical Fiction Sale 8/31, and a NOOK Start A Series Sale 9/6 - 9/19.

And Kathleen’s book, IT WAKES IN ME, will be on sale with a gorgeous new cover starting September 6th: https://buff.ly/3QnWsVH

We hope you have a wonderful autumn.


Michael and Kathleen