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W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear are best selling authors & award winning archaeologists who have published over 90 novels.

Hello and Happy New Year! 

We send our best wishes and hope that 2022 brings you great happiness and good health. 

The first days of 2022 have been cold here in northern Wyoming.

We woke to -9 yesterday morning, and sub-zero temperatures are always interesting. The world goes quiet, the coyotes hide in their dens, bison, deer, and antelope huddle together for warmth. There are moments of great joy, though. Over the years, we have spent many hours watching bison play. When there’s deep cold, they stay warm by forming playgroups. They love to join together for a good run across the pasture, doing figure eights and leaping around, kicking up their heels, while puffs of frozen breath drift over their heads. We are always in awe when they shake the ice from their coats and the crystals hang in air glittering before gently settling to the ground.

Despite the chill, we’ve been taking long walks with our dog Jake down along the Shoshone River. January is filled with bald eagles. It’s wonderful to watch them sailing weightlessly on the air currents and diving into the water in search of fish. On one level or another, every day is filled with magic. Every moment has a miracle wrapped inside if we take the time to look for it. 

2022 is going to be an exciting publishing year for us. 

The entire month of January is filled with great deals, and a new book is coming out! The Kindle edition of DISSOLUTION will be on sale at Amazon for $1.49:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09NPCNZBJ?ref_=dbs_p_mng_rwt_ser_shvlr&storeType=ebooks

The reader response to DISSOLUTION has been truly stunning. 

The book has almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon and 96% are four or five star reviews. Our mailbox has been deluged with people asking what happens next?  We’re going to answer that question on January 19th when the second book in the Wyoming Chronicles series, FOURTH QUADRANT, is released. Join Lauren Davis and Breeze Tappan as they struggle to hold The Line…

We love writing this apocalyptic western series. First of all, it’s set where we live. Second, it’s challenging writing about the collapse of America and what may come after. We suspect a catastrophic cyber attack is inevitable. How will Americans respond? Will they pull together or tear each other apart? Human behavior in the past, as shown in archaeological and historical records, gives us a framework for trying to understand.

Another great sale happens from January 18-24th, when Mike’s Fur Trade novel, FLIGHT OF THE HAWK, will be part of the Kindle Countdown deal for $.99, and the audiobook will also be $.99 from January 18-February 17th. Amazing deals! They are brought to you thanks to our excellent new publisher, Wolfpack Publishing, and the great folks at Amazon. 

After you’ve read FOURTH QUADRANT, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can review the book online, send us a letter to P.O. Box 2807, Cody, Wyoming, 82414, or visit any our social media sites, especially:  

Twitter: @gearbooks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gearfanclub

In addition, we are hard at work on our next books:

Kathleen just finished THE ICE ORPHAN, Rewilding Report #3, and Michael is deep into his next Donovan novel, RECKONING.

Lastly, if you love science fiction, we thought you might also enjoy our friend Kevin J. Anderson’s newsletter/reader’s group.  You can sign up at: https://www.wordfire.com and get a free ebook and audio story read by Kevin himself…and regular updates on his projects in progress, as well as his hiking and mountain climbing adventures, and his mascot cats!

Please stay safe and be well,

Michael and Kathleen