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Hello all:

In an attempt to actually keep up with events, we’re sending the July newsletter in July!

The biggest news, of course, is the publication of CHILDREN OF THE DAWNLAND in the United States and Canada. This is our first children’s book written for ages 8-12. That doesn’t mean that adults can’t read it, too. A teacher’s guide is available and can be downloaded online from the publisher. We set the novel at the end of the last ice age, during a time archaeologists call “Clovis culture.” Clovis apparently only lasts for a period of 250 years, spanning all of the U.S., most of Canada, and some of Northern Mexico. The highest site density, however, is in the eastern United States. Then, like shutting off a light, Clovis is gone from the archaeological record at approximately 12,900 years ago.

The story revolves around a twelve year old girl, Twig, and her best friend, a ten year old boy named Greyhawk. Twig’s decision to go and study with the peculiar old man known as Screech Owl is going to cause her no end of grief—especially with her mother. Meanwhile, the sinister Thornback Raiders are attacking nearby villages, seeking to collect all of the sacred artifacts they can find. And next, they are coming for Twig. If she can’t find the most Powerful dreamer in the world, Cobia, and convince her to help the People of the Dawnland…they may well be doomed to die in the mysterious green light that keeps exploding in Twig’s dreams.

For years we have been asked to write a children’s book. We heard you, and here it is. Look for it in the children’s section at your local bookstore. So far we haven’t seen CHILDREN OF THE DAWNLAND shelved with our adult fiction. Two weeks ago the book won the Flamingnet “Top Choice Award.” Flamingnet.com is a review site run by and for children. Great site if your looking for books for children.

Also published in July: Das Ende Aller Tage by Bastei Lubbe, our German publisher. The novel is of course available throughout Germany in softcover, and the price is 8.95 Euro. The tag line on the jacket copy calls this “The Most Provocative Thriller in Years!” which we think is pretty cool given that Bastei Lubbe is one of the largest publishers of thrillers in Germany.

The story was sold under the title of COMES A GREEN SKY and sees the return of Dr. Maureen Cole. Fans of Dusty and Maureen’s Anasazi Mystery series will just have to wait for it to come out in English. Maureen has been digging up war-crimes bodies in Iraq when she is called to investigate what seems to be a mass murder aboard a cruise ship. The White Star is carrying Bobby Box’s Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land when everyone on the ship is mysteriously killed. But who did it? Several fundamentalist Muslim organizations claim credit. Maureen finds herself the target of bombings, threats, and rage. Enter Skip Murphy, executive protection specialist, and security consultant. But when the American government asks Maureen to publicly speak out against fundamentalism, can Skip keep her alive long enough to finish the tour? And, just who is the real enemy?

We love this thriller, and are still trying to sell it to an American publisher. American publishers seem to think it’s too controversial. Meanwhile, if you read Russian, it will be available this fall. We’ll keep you informed of the pub date.

Coming in November—finally!--PEOPLE OF THE WOLF, PEOPLE OF THE FIRE, and PEOPLE OF THE EARTH are being given new covers! We’ve seen the flats, and they look great. The style is based on the jacket design PEOPLE OF THE THUNDER sported. Also neat, the books are coming out at a special $4.99 price. If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts and want to introduce people to the series, this might be the time. For those of you who live in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana there will be autographed copies available at your local grocery, airport, truck stop, or Walgreens. Angie and Marianne, the good folks at News Group up in Jackson, Michigan, are bringing us in to sign 10,000 copies for distribution throughout their region. We’re already stockpiling Aleve and Red Bull, ready to take a crack at breaking our old record of 9,881 books for Levy Home Entertainment back in 2007.

That’s it for now. We wish you all health, wealth, and wisdom. During these stressful times we hope that everyone sees their situation improving.

All the Best,

Kathy and Mike