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For everyone who has ever been kind enough to write inquiring about Pia and her health, we wanted you to know that she died today, April 11, 2014, at 1:32 P.M. She was the first orphaned buffalo calf we bottle-raised. She was our buffalo daughter.

This morning we found the herd and noticed she was missing. We knew something was really wrong. We've been giving her meloxicam for her joint pain for almost a year, but her condition has progressively gotten worse. When we went to look for her, we found her far away walking down the road in so much pain she could barely move. We tried to give her meloxicam and she refused to eat it. Next we tried to give her a shot of Banamine, and she refused to let us. It was as though she was saying, "Come on, guys, enough is enough."

It's the end of an era. She was the best buffalo ambassador ever. She was so beloved, she made people care about what happened to buffalo.

Truly, Pia was a miracle. She had an amazing sense of humor. When she loved, she loved with all her heart.

The Village of Souls is a richer place. This world is poorer without her.

Hard day for us.


Thanks to everyone who read our first novella, Copper Falcon. The novella is the introduction to our upcoming novel, PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR, which comes out son, in May.


When the Thermopolis Chamber of Commerce came to us and asked if they could hold a cerebration in honor of our books, we were a little dazed, so we said “okay.”

As a result, June 27-29, 2014 is the first annual PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS celebration. We will be talking about our books at a free reception starting at 7 PM on June 27th, Days Inn, Thermopolis, Wyoming. The Days Inn has a special rate of $99 for the event. We will also be leading a tour of the local spectacular petroglyph site, Legend Rock, on June 28th, and giving a lecture about buffalo ecology later that same day, just before the buffalo burger dinner in Hot Springs State Park. On Sunday we’ll be talking about local medicinal plants, as well as teaching a Writer’s Workshop. Other information is available at thermopolischamber.org. Just click on PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS. We are donating our time for this event, but the chamber is charging for some of the lectures, pancake breakfast, buffalo burger dinner, etc.

Click to download the PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS information PDF Download

Click to download the PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS flyer PDF Download

We hope to see you all there. It should be great fun.

Happy April Showers to All,

Mike and Kathy