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Yes, there really was a Ragnar Lothbrok…

Is the Earth warming or cooling?

We’ve talked here many times about the Milankovich cycles, especially the cycle of Precession.  According to the cycle of precession we should be in an Ice Age right now.  Why aren’t we?  Is it human caused global warming?  Or is this warming trend just a prelude to the cycle of precession kicking in and dropping global temperatures like a proverbial rock?  READ MORE: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/may/17/paul-driessen-earth-may-be-cooling-no-warming/


News from ancient Egypt… Rare glass vase recovered.

Rare Egyptian Vase recovered.  Look at the extraordinary artistry.


Egyptian glass vase

News from ancient Egypt…

Archaeological news from Egypt:  3,500 year old statue stolen.  Now suspects finally arrested.


Egypt statue

Archaeologists help restore the mummy of a village chief.

Most people think archaeologists spend all their time hip-deep in pits excavating, but much of what archaeologists do is modern preservation work.  In this case, the archaeologists travelled to Papua New Guinea to help local villagers patch up the mummy.  For example, crushed Suca shell has the pH of bleach and helped keep lichen from growing on the mummy.  The Anga people consult with their mummified ancestors to ask advice.  Hopefully, archaeologists can help them protect their ancestors so this ancient practice may continue.  READ MORE:mummies-oiwa--Papua New Guinea


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