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New Egyptian survey of ancient quarries near Aswan reveal…

There is so much left to be discovered about the past.  This is a good example.  These previously unrecorded petroglyphs show a rare depiction of obelisks being cut and loaded onto boats 3,000 years ago.



Hopi tribe demands French stop sale of historic katchina masks.

Hopi Katchinashttp://hyperallergic.com/213418/hopi-tribe-fights-to-halt-french-sales-of-sacred-artifacts-for-good/

So, here’s the question:  If your great-great-great grandfather sold a crucifix he made, and it was legally bought and sold by people around the world for generations–can you today demand that it be given back to you because its a sacred artifact?  Should sacred artifacts be treated differently under the law?  

What do you think?


Archaeologists and criminologists are working together to try and stop the illicit trade in artifacts.

Pakistan stolen artifactshttp://www.historytoday.com/donna-yates/trafficking-culture

For those keeping track of the global warming debate! New NOAA report…

Global temperatures, especially ocean temperatures, which a key to this discussion, wobble around.  There’s a lot of “chaos” in the system right now.  But the upward trend in temps looks persuasive.  What do you think?

http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2015/noaa-analysis-journal-science-no-slowdown-in-global-warming-in-recent-years.htmlGlobal Warming N0AA 

Before its untimely end the city of Nimrud was a vast and powerful center…

This is the kind of history ISIS is destroying in its fanatical pursuit to cleanse the world of pre-Islamic evidence.


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