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Advance praise for OUTPOST, coming on February 20th!

Hi Everyone!

We are delighted by the advance reviews for Mike’s upcoming science fiction novel, OUTPOST! Here are just a few…


“What a ride! Excitement, adventure, and intrigue, all told in W. Michael Gear’s vivid, compulsively readable prose. A terrific new science-fiction series; Gear hits a home run right out of the park and all the way to Capella.” —Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Quantum Night

“A marginal colony on a living world—where human life and human will are tested to the limits. An intriguing and inventive new work from Michael Gear, first of a trilogy. Recommended!”–C. J. Cherryh, Hugo Award-winning author of Downbelow Station


Nerd Much – 13 Best New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books: February 2018



Dread Central


While W. Michael Gear’s new novel Outpost is mainly sci-fi, there are enough monstrous creatures and terrifying moments in it that fans of Alien and the like should enjoy it, which is why we’re advising you to mark your calendars for February 20, 2018. That’s the book’s release date via publisher DAW (a Penguin Random House imprint).

A thrilling tale of high stakes survival on an alien planet, Outpost is the first installment in Gear’s new The Donovan series. The second book, Abandoned, is scheduled to arrive in November 2018, so if you like the first one, you won’t have to wait too long for a sequel.



On the distant planet Donovan, the realities of colonization meet the cold, hard demands of corporate overlords. In the years since Donovan was settled, many original colonists have died and several supply ships have completely vanished, leaving the planet nearly feral. Corporation Supervisor Kalico arrives to discover disarray, and demands answers from community leaders. Competing interests from Corporation employees create tension, as Donovan’s loose organization offers opportunity for deception and deceit. However, Kalico must first deal with one of the missing ships that reappears bearing horrific cargo and a seemingly impossible paradox. Gear (Moon Hunt, 2017, with Kathleen O’Neal Gear) kicks off a new sf series by weaving a number of compelling characters into the narrative, including bold heroine Talina Perez and Donovan itself, a planet teeming with danger and delights in turn. The mix of stolen identities, rapacious greed, and treacherous landscape propels the reader forward, hurtling toward the possibility that nobody is destined to escape Donovan alive. Fans of epic space opera, like Rachel Bach’s Fortune’s Pawn (2013), will happily lose themselves in Donovan’s orbit.


“Landscape of Dreams: The Creative West,” 7 PM at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, April 19, 2018

Hi All,

Along with Emmy award-winning screenwriter, Kirk Ellis, we will be part of a conversation about creativity, the lure of the West, fiction, and film.  We’ll have book signings before and after the event.  We’re there to entertain and to answer any questions you might have about writing (which could also be entertaining).

Just some background…   Kirk Ellis has won the Emmy Award, Spur Award, and the Western Heritage Wrangler Award.  His screen credits include, “Anne Frank,” “Into the West,” and “John Adams.”  His work has been nominated for a total of 50 Emmy Awards.  

And!  Well, you know us.

 Come! We’d love to see you there!  It’ll be great fun:   WWA PressRelease -April20

Mike and Kathy

The BEST Science Fiction Books of 2018!

Thanks to BookBub for including Mike’s upcoming science fiction novel, OUTPOST, in its list of The Best Science Fiction Books of 2018! COMING February 20th! https://media.bookbub.com/blog/2018/01/02/preview-best-science-fiction-books-2018/

The Best Science Fiction Books of 2018: 30 Novels you Don’t Want to Miss!

Thanks to BookBub for including Mike’s upcoming science fiction novel, OUTPOST, in its list of The Best Science Fiction Books of 2018! COMING February 20th!

New Review for MOON HUNT!

We just received a lovely review for MOON HUNT in the Providence Journal:

“Few authors have ever been able to lay claim to a genre. But Kathleen and Michael Gear have taken historical fiction and made it all their own, as clearly displayed in “Moon Hunt” (Forge, 416 pages, $26.99), the third in their Native American Morning Star series.

All the staples of the Gears’ brilliant, richly drawn tapestries are firmly on display here, once again… The Gears have reconstructed Moon Hunt’s ancient world with such vivid tones and expertly crafted detail that it magically comes to life in the tradition of James Michener. But they’re much better storytellers and the result is a tale certain to generate broad appeal, whether you’re a history buff or not.”

Providence Journal, December 19, 2017.

Thanks! It’s always a relief to get a great review!

Hope everyone is having warm and wonderful holidays!

Mike and Kathy

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