We just returned from the World Science Fiction conference in Denver, Colorado. This is the first World Con we have attended in thirteen years. The panels were excellent. Our favorite panel was given by Tor Books about the final volume in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. As most of you know, Jordan passed away about one year ago. What you may not know is that he was passionately concerned that the final book in the series be written, and left extensive notes about what should happen and where. His wife, Harriett McDougal, selected a writer to finish that final book. Brandon Sanderson, an outstanding fantasy writer, will be authoring the finale. He gave a heartfelt, and very moving, talk about what the series has meant to him. We can’t think of anyone better to write it. Good luck, Brandon. On another front, there was an interesting difference in this conference compared to the one thirteen years ago. In 1995, many of the costumes were based upon science fiction characters. We loved, for example, riding up in the elevators with Imperial storm troopers, astronauts, Hani, Vanye and Morgaine, Berzerkers, and robots. There were also, of course, a few fantasy characters. What we noticed this year is an almost total lack of “science fiction” characters, and an abundance of fastasy characters: wizards, fairies, witches, elves, trolls, etc. Obviously, this difference reflects recent successful movies like the Lord of the Rings. Our question for you, is does this shift also represent something more interesting in our society. Does it represent a shift from an interest in futuristic hard science to an interest in magic? This concerns us because in the past decade there has also been a shift more toward religious fundamentalism in the world. Is there a connection? Happy thinking. Do it while it’s still legal. Mike and Kathy