Hi Everybody! We just finished final revisions to both THE BROKEN LAND, the third book in the PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE quartet, and A SEARING WIND, the third book in the Contact: The Battle for America series. SOOO…today we decided to go relax for a while. The end of May we’ll be spending two weeks wandering around some of the great archaeological sites of Europe and Africa. Part of the trip will be research for our next thriller for our wonderful German publisher, Luebbe. We’ll be exploring ancient Ephesus in Turkey, the Acropolis in Greece (can’t wait to see the golden mask of Agamemnon), Corinth and Mycenae, the Parthenon, and we’ll camp out in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (actually, well try to camp, but they’ll probably find us and throw us out at sunset), then off to Tuscany to drown in Etruscan civilization, next to the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. We are, naturally, also looking foward to drowning in great Italian wines. If we’re lucky, and the revolution has somewhat stabilized, we’ll head to Tunisia and the Roman and Punic ruins of Carthage. We’ve wanted to see the legendary collection of Roman mosaics housed there for much of our lives. Lastly, we’ll head to Barcelona for a few days of mucho cerveza con mi esposo, y sol, y Espagna linda, y mi esposo, y mas sol, y mas mi esposo! y mas cerveza. Si…por dos weeks…es una vida dulce. We hope everyone has a beautiful Spring. Kathleen