Hi Everybody, For those interested in the value of books you might want to check out the following link: arts.anu.edu.au/sikora/ScholarlyCulturein27nations.pdf. It turns out that the number of books in the house is more important to a child’s eventual educational achievement than the educational attainments of the parents, or the parents’ occupations, or the political system of the home country. Across the 27 countries studied, having 500 or more books in the house added an additional 3.2 years of educational attainment. In comparison, in China, it added 6.6 years, and in the United States it added an additional 2.4 years of educational achievement. The title of this article is, “Scholarly Culture and Educational Success in 27 Nations.” So…how many books were in your home when you were growing up? Do you think it mattered? Happy All Saints Day, Mike and Kathleen