For the first time in over two years we’ve taken an actual vacation! The deal was that when we had a complete manuscript for PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL we would load the BMW with tent and bedrolls and ride south. From Wyoming, he had a great ride down through Utah and New Mexico. Periodically we’d hit rain, but we’ve got the gear for it. When you’re dressed right, riding in the rain is fun! Had breakfast with our old friend Win Blevins in Bluff, Utah. Good to see you again Win! New Mexico was splendidly green! Haven’t ever seen that stretch from Albuquerque to El Paso look so verdant and alive. Then we had a phenomenal sunset between Van Horn, Texas, and Fort Stockton. The road to our campground was flooded out, so we “camped” that night at a Holiday Inn. Which brings us to the Twisted Sisters: the whole purpose of the ride. Motorcyclists collect roads. The Tail of the Dragon, 129, in North Carolina; Highway 50 in Nevada, 141 or 550 in Colorado, Beartooth Pass in Wyoming, the list goes on. The big draw in Texas is the Twisted Sisters: Farm Roads 335, 336, and 337 just north of Uvalde. They’ve been on our list for years, and this was our opportunity. So, yes, we rode them. Oh, and of course, we got the t-shirts!