We’re finishing up the page proofs for the new trade edition of THE MORNING RIVER, which Tor/Forge Books will be releasing in May. It will be followed by COYOTE SUMMER, also coming in trade format. It’s been fifteen years since we’ve read THE MORNING RIVER, and it’s a curious delight to go back and spend time with Richard, Travis, and Willow again. What a charming story. We’re reminded about why Tor/Forge submitted THE MORNING RIVER for both the Pulitzer and National Book Award competitions. There’s never been anything quite like it in American letters. From the perspective of a decade and a half, Travis Hartman remains one of our most beloved characters for his wit, wisdom, and soul-deep grit. Richard continues to be a long-shot for survival, and Heals Like A Willow–the Dukurika Shoshoni woman taken slave by the Pawnee called Packrat–takes a superlative revenge on her captor. Over time we’ve forgotten many of the twists and turns. We catch ourselves laughing aloud at Richard’s pratfalls and Hartman’s acerbic comments. What a delightful way to become reacquainted. If you haven’t read THE MORNING RIVER in awhile, pull it off your shelf, settle back, and rediscover the delight!