Greetings All: We’re packing to head to Aztec, New Mexico, where we will be giving a lecture at Aztec Ruins on September 10th at 7:00 p.m. We are looking forward to being in the Southwest. The temperatures should have cooled down a little by the time we get there, and the Equinox shadows will be stretching across the desert like cool fingers. Not only that, the Mexican food, influenced by Native American cuisine and flavors, is just unbelievably good. We’ll gain weight, and it’ll be worth every ounce. Not only that, we’ll spend a good deal of time wandering around archaeological sites, studying the ruins, considering where to set future books. After Aztec, we’ll be off to Phoenix for a few days, then we’re back in Cortez, Colorado from September 17-19th to teach a Writers’ Workshop at the Cortez Cultural Center. We hope to see some of you in Aztec or Cortez! Take care and enjoy the autumn brilliance. Michael and Kathleen