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The secrets of Egyptian child mummies…

Egyptian mummy


Cannibalism in China 100,000 years ago…

Humans have likely been putting their enemies on the menu since the dawn of humanity, and…well, maybe their friends, too.



DNA Search for First Americans…


More evidence that contradicts the theory that prehistoric native peoples came to the Americas in a single wave.  This new DNA study of Amazonian peoples indicates they are related to Australian aboriginal peoples and New Guineans, and while the DNA evidence is new, this is not a new hypothesis.  Archaeologists studying the remains of Luzia and her people in Brazil (which dates to over 12,000 B.P.) have long said that the physical characteristics of Luzia most closely match those of Australoids or Africans.   The new study suggests there were at least two very early migrations into the Americas, but hang onto your hats, folks.  We suspect when the dust finally settles, the genetics will suggest many more migrations.


At least 3,201 indigenous children died in Canada’s “boarding schools.”

Bringing the past into the present where we can all take a good hard look at it is the greatest hope of humanity.   “This is a moment to reflect upon our history, our relationships and our responsibilities towards each other.”

Canada's native peoples



Vikings and magical swords…

Viking ship

The literary motif of Vikings and magical swords goes back over one thousand years, but it was J.R.R. Tolkien who made it part of the identity of modern peoples.   This is a great article… 



Viking ship 

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