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Was Sardinia home to the mythical civilization of Atlantis?

AtlantisIn the second millennium B.C. Tyrrhenian civilization was swept away.  Was it an earthquake or a tidal wave?  Maybe something even more spectacularly deadly.   http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/aug/15/bronze-age-sardinia-archaeology-atlantis

Should we start prepping for global cooling?


This is an intriguing take on the future of humanity.  Fred Singer is quite right that global cooling is inevitable.  The earth goes through natural warming and cooling cycles.  Just a question of when… http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/07/a_paradigm_change_redirecting_public_concern_from_global_warming_to_global_cooling.html

Mass Grave in California from more than 500 years ago…

The chemistry of the murder victims’ teeth tells us these men were raised in the same region where they were buried, but spent a lot of the lives far away.  When they came home, their people were apparently not happy to see them. Notice that from the positioning of the skeletal remains, the men appear to have been hurled into the grave.  California’s native peoples traditionally went to great effort to properly bury their dead loved ones.

California -- skeletons



Just a reminder that ISIS is not alone in the destruction of ancient sites…

Dorset petroglyphs

This is an old story, but worth remembering as we watch ancient archaeological sites being destroyed outside of North America.  It happens here, too.  Sadly, a few years ago several Navajo destroyed ancient rock art images of Hopi katchinas.  Religious extremism is found in every culture around the world.


Also,  what it looked like before…  


The fight over sheep between the Navajo, Hopi and the BIA.


This is an ongoing battle that isn’t likely to end any time soon…unfortunately.  


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