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Burial Ground destroyed

Every time we reread this, the sensation of despair grows. What do you think about this? http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Indian-artifact-treasure-trove-paved-over-for-5422603.php#page-1

Turquoise revelations about Anasazi culture

The wonderful thing about new technology is the unexpected discoveries that emerge: http://www.archaeology.org/news/2012-140409-chaco-canyon-turquoise


Hi All, We’ve been finishing up our children’s novel, EYEWITNESS: THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN, 1876, for ages 7-10. It’s been great. We haven’t looked at Doug Scott’s book, ARCHAEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE LITTLE BIGHORN, for a few years, and it’s been a delight to be back in that world. When Doug headed up the excavation at the battlefield in Montana, the archaeology amplified and helped to explain the historical record–which is archaeology at its best. As we head for the 140th anniversary of the Little Bighorn battle, it’s good to remind ourselves why it happened and the results of the battle. The Little Bighorn forever changed America and the lives of the native peoples. We hope you and your children enjoy it! And most of all, we hope it helps you learn something about the impact of what is perhaps America’s best-known Native American/White battle.  

Bison and Books

Hi All, When the autopsy of the 9,000 year-old bison recently discovered in Russia is finished, we should know a great deal more about North American bison. We hope the scientists particularly look for “Bos Taurus” or “beef” genes in this bison. It is inevitable that bison and aurochs (the ancestor of modern beef) were freely cross-breeding in Russia at this time, and that some of the genes being classified as beef genes in bison today, actually date to the beginning of the Holocene. The parasite study will also be interesting. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2572020/Autopsy-9-000-year-old-bison-reveal-parasites-plaguing-ancient-animals.html Also, don’t forget to register for the Book Giveaway of PEOPLE OF THE WOLF at Goodreads. Only two days left to register: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/860979.People_of_the_Wolf?from_search=true Hope you win! Mike and Kathy

People of the Earth Days, June 27-29, 2014

Hi All, This should be a fun summer event. We’ll be leading a tour to the Legend Rock Petroglyph site–ancient rock carvings–just outside of Thermopolis, Wyoming, where we will talk about prehistoric cultures in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin. The scenery is gorgeous and at the end of June the wildflowers should be in full bloom. We’ll also be conducting a short writer’s conference, “Heroes, Villains, and Plots,” and we’ll leading a tour to look at the buffalo in Hot Springs State Park to talk about the history, habits, and conservation of North American bison. Many of the events associated with PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS are free, but some do have a cost, to pay for bus drivers, equipment rentals, etc. We’re donating our time for this event. Also, the tour of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, and geological tour with biologist Greg Willson is not to be missed! The Big Horn Basin has some of the oldest primates in the world, as well as a rich dinosaur heritage. It will be a fun learning experience for both adults and children! For more information: Thermopolis Chamber of Commerce, 877-864-3192, or www.thermopolischamber.org. We hope we see you there. Mike and Kathy

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