Greetings from New England and Upstate New York! It’s been a very busy two weeks. We left Wyoming expecting snowy rain, but drove to St. Louis in delightful weather. There we toured the Cahokia Mounds, attended the Society for American Archaeology meetings, and visited with old friends. We learned many wonderful new things and really decided we need to write another Cahokia novel. It’s been 20 years since we researched PEOPLE OF THE RIVER. Wow! Have things changed. On the way to the airport, the left front hub on the Dodge began to clatter. Since it was Sunday, and we were getting on a plane, the truck is staying in the long term lot at Lambert field. When we get back we’ll figure out where to take it and get it fixed before rolling back home. Meanwhile, we’ve been on Sell-in tour for PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York. Sell-in consists of meeting with booksellers, talking about the up-coming novel, and building excitement for the release of the book. The country, as always, is stunning. We’ve been following the trail of Gannajero, Odion, Koracoo, and Gonda through the mountains and down to the Conneticut River. Tonight we’re in Mohawk Iroquois country, trying to tune into the spirits who still inhabit the wooded places. Special thanks to our sales rep, Ellen Pyle. She took Mike and Kathy out for Lobster in Portland, Maine, and filled her whole day escorting her two wide-eyed authors from store to store. Ellen, you’re one of the best. If you live in New England, we left signed copies at Northshire Books, 4869 Main Street, Manchester Center, Vermont. Signed copies are also available at Gibson’s Books, 275 Main, Concord, New Hampshire. If you are in the Manchester, New Hampshire, you can find signed copies at the Barnes & Noble on south Willow Street. In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, contact Riverrun Bookstore at 20 Congress Street and Tom will take good care of you. Meanwhile, it’s late. We’ve been at it from can see to can’t. Time to get some shuteye and tackle the rest of the world tomorrow.