Hi all: We wanted to give a quick update of the sell-in tour for PEOPLE OF THE THUNDER. We had a great show at Southeast Independent Bookseller’s Association, introducing many booksellers to the series. Several days later we attended the Hastings Manager’s Meeting in Amarillo, Texas, and reconnected with many old friends as well as made new ones. As part of the PEOPLE OF THE THUNDER tour we will be appearing at select Hastings stores, demonstrating artifacts, and Mississippian artwork and giving a slide show on the archaeology. If you have a Hastings in your area, contact them as we get closer to the release date. The last day in Amarillo we were up at 3:00 to make a 5:00 am flight to Birmingham. That afternoon we arrived at the Moundville Archaeological site south of Tuscaloosa. This is where PEOPLE OF THE WEEPING EYE and THUNDER are set. All the tension of book tour evaporated to be replaced with a feeling of joy. Moundville was alive with the 20th anniversary Indian Festival. We talked to old friends, ate Choctah hominy, and prepared for the film crew’s arrival. On Saturday we did a filming for a web piece that will eventually be placed on this website, then signed books for the rest of the day. We ran out of WEEPING EYE hardbacks in the early afternoon, but managed to get everyone one of the paperbacks of earlier PEOPLE titles. On Monday 5th we drove to Birmingham for the Books-A-Million managers meeting. Again, it was filled with old friends as well as new converts to the PEOPLE series. At least we assume we converted them, every last one took an autographed book with them. While at the meetings we talked with the Books-A-Million people in anticipation of the THUNDER tour. As we get closer to January, we will be updating our list of up-coming appearances. This writing comes to you from Jackson, Mississippi, were we will meet with the local Barnes & Noble managers, sign their stock, and talk about THUNDER. Then we’re off to Greenville, Oxford, Tupelo, Memphis, and Nashville. Along the way we may be able to stop off at Winterville Mounds, Pinson Mounds, and the Shiloh battlefield mounds for pictures. Meanwhile we are delighted to drive through the south. For us the land comes alive with old familiar characters. Who can forget Green Spider, Black Skull, and Otter from PEOPLE OF THE LAKES? Just across the river from us is Poverty Point, home of Salamander and Anhinga in PEOPLE OF THE OWL. At Shiloh we will walk where Trader played Born of Sun for his very life and freedom. Meanwhile, new characters speak. This is, after all, the country that foul beast de Soto is going to cross with Black Shell and Pearl Hand hot on his tail! Just north of Jackson, oh about a ninety miles, is where the Chickasaw came withing a whisker of wiping out every last man of de Soto’s party. Magic lies everywhere for those of us who spin tales for a living. There are, it seems, worse ways of making a living than this author business. Until next time, may your way be happy and healthy.