Dear All: Michael just managed to delete the entire recent batch of comments by mistake. Included was a comment by someone who had tried to edit the Wikipedia entry on de Soto. Supposedly they told him that de Soto committed no atrocities, and that the four historical journals on the expedition, those by Rangel, Biedma, Garcilaso de la Vega, the Inca, and The Gentleman from Elvas, reported nothing that could be compared to modern “atrocities.” Perhaps the learned Wikipedia “scholars” should READ the actual journals, since using war dogs to rip unarmed human beings, burning men, women and children, and allowing naked captives to starve to die of exposure in freezing mud apparently do not qualify for atrocities in our modern world. We sincerely urge anyone interested in the subject to peruse THE DE SOTO JOURNALS, Vols I and II, by Clayton, Knight, and Moore, University of Alabama Press, 1993. Interlibrary loan will be happy to procure both volumes if you can’t spring for the used paperbacks on Amazon. Sorry I lost the original comment.