Dear All, Whoops! We said we were lecturing at Aztec National Monument on Saturday. Actually, it’s FRIDAY, September 16th. That’s what happens when you’re locked in 1450 A.D. with three of America’s greatest heroes fighting the last monumental battle of the Iroquois world. Hard to think of anything else–like dates. Please contact Cyresa Bloom or Gary Brown at Aztec for more information. Also, for everyone who asked for more details on the Endangered Species Act and the federal government’s ability to take over or confiscate private land for the benefit of the endangered species, we recommend reading: We’re having a beautiful July here in northern Wyoming. We wake up every morning to temperatures in the 50s and while the day progresses into the 90s, the grass is still green across the Owl Creek Mountains. Our buffalo calves are growing like proverbial weeds, looking happy and healthy. Okay…back to the final monumental battle… Cheers! Mike and Kathy