Greetings All: Many of your know that we have a young sheltie dog named Jake. He came from Al Harris’s champion line down in Roswell, New Mexico. Having a grand champion mother, Dark Lady Cher, and with two emerging champion brothers, Ben and Bandit, Jake has a lot to live up to. Sometimes we read him Al’s letters about his family’s triumphs in the show ring and Jake gets a little…well, down about the whiskers. Here’s the thing. Jake isn’t a showdog. He’s just a little oversized, and to be a great sheltie show dog, the ears can’t stand up straight. They have to bend forward in a most alert and provocative manner. Jake’s ears stand up like redwood trees. Probably Mike’s fault for not using the right method for training them during the puppy days. Lots of things in the world are Mike’s fault because he’s easy to blame. So Jake, not being a show dog, ended up as head of Red Canyon Ranch security. Any of you who read John Erickson’s Hank the Cowdog series understand how important the head security position is. Being in charge, Jake’s duties include riding around on the six-wheeler, the John Deere tractor, the ranch trail bike, and, of course, the trucks. He goes everywhere we do, patrolling, sniffing, peeing, and ensuring that all the coyotes, lions, and bobcats understand that they are under constant scrutiny. And then there’s the constant job of reminding the raccoons and deer that the back yard is off limits. The most exciting part of the job is when cattle break in and try to eat grass reserved for the bison. Two days ago, three Arapaho bulls knocked down the creek fence and were grazing in our pasture. Jake alerted Mike to the fact and they both drove the six-wheeler down to the creek. After a perfect sneak, they surprised the Arapaho bulls–three BIG guys! And with Jake nipping at their heels, were able to herd them back onto the reservation. Sure, Jake’s mom and bothers are champions. As great as they are, however, they’ve never faced down three big Arapaho bulls! After surveying the situation, Jake duly reported that the creek fence was down. Mike and Kathy, under Jake’s supervision, have spent the last two days fencing, placing panels, driving posts, and sweating in the sun. And how do dogs in charge of ranch sequrity fix fence? They sleep soundly in shade under the six-wheeler, asking only that they be awakened when everything is finished.