Dear All: We are back for our real, glorious, and magnificent vacation floating around the Carribean, seeing islands, and meeting delightful people. Of course any time a person really gets relaxed, he’s got to come home to a mess. Most of you know that we’ve been having internet problems. Our account was with Starband, and things just got worse over the last few months. Turns out that they no longer have local service and support. We have had to borrow computers to get these blog entries in for the last couple of months. The really bad news is that we haven’t been able to monitor the blog entries you have been sending in, which has left us with over ten thousand spams. Uh, yeah, the number is right. So, we’re not sure how to fix this without just clearing thye decks, deleting them all, and starting over. That and we’re getting a new satellite internet system next week which will allow us to get back on a reasonable schedule. The first review for COMING OF THE STORM was by Booklist. They really liked it! We’ll see if there’s a way to post it once we get our new dish set up. Meanwhile we are polishing PEOPLE OF THE FOREST, and waiting for comments from Pocket on THE FIRES OF MABILA. Until next week when we’re back online, be well, read heartily, and may you remain prosperous and healthy