May 24, 2010 Hello to All, May has been an exciting month for us. Kathy had her tonsils out on May 5th and spent two weeks alternately sleeping, groaning, and complaining about bland food. Until, that is, Mike decided on day 6 after surgery that he’d pour about one tablespoon of ancho chili powder in her scrambled eggs. No more complaints about bland food, but A LOT more groaning. Apparently that wasn’t such a good idea. Who knew? Last weekend we travelled to beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to attend the wedding of our good friends, Vince Hayes and Michelle Mahon. They were married at the historic Cataldo Mission, built in the 1830’s. The chapel and ceremony were gorgeous. The best part was Michelle’s handwritten vows. Made everybody cry. The second best part was Vince forgetting his vows. Made everybody laugh. Then we attended the reception at a great wine bar called Barrel Room No. 6. All in all, it was a wonderful time in a gorgeous location. We drove straight through yesterday and got home late last night. On our way to Coeur d’Alene we stopped in Missoula, Montana, and had breakfast with authors Kat Martin and Larry J. Martin. What a delightful morning that was! We talked about everything from publishing (Kat just hit the New York Times bestseller list. Congratulations, Kat!) to ebooks, and the future of reading. Larry’s latest book, KILLING CANCER, is out and makes fascinating reading for those interested in all aspects of the subject. We’re back to work today on THE BROKEN LAND, book 3 of the People of the Longhouse saga. It’s a great day to be inside writing–rainy and cool. There are two bull elk, in velvet, grazing in the meadow in front of the house. Hope everyone is having a pretty May. Best Regards, Mike and Kathy