Hi All! We got home last night and spent today–our wedding anniversary–checking on the buffalo, making sure everyone was okay. We have one slightly lame calf, who probably stepped in a prairie dog hole, but otherwise all is well. We had a grand vacation. We spent a few days with Kathy’s sister and husband in Kerrville, Texas, where Karen made the most spectacular carnitas we’ve ever eaten, and Richard taught Mike how to make professional quality video and audio productions. Simultaneously, Karen taught Kathy how to navigate Pinterest (CHECK OUT OUR NEW PINTEREST SITE!). Then we went to hear our old friend and award-winning songwriter, Mike Blakely, play music in Marble Falls, and spent a lovely evening with his wife Annie. The next day we had lunch with writers, W. C. and Laurie Jameson. Laurie made a sweet potato and chili soup that was to die for, and a jalapeno cold slaw that was too wonderful to believe. W.C. had us laughing so hard with his stories that we felt all of our cares vanish. Then we drifted to the Badu Wine Pub in Llano, Texas, to hear W.C., Blakely, and Duke Davis play music. What a great few days. Just one small glitch on the way home, the front disk brakes on the motorcycle fell apart. Had to leave the bike in Ft. Collins, Colo. for repairs and rented a car for the rest of the drive home. Gosh, we had a fun two weeks! Hope everyone is seeing a brilliant autumn. Our buckeyes, cottonwoods, and aspens are aglow. Quote of the Day from John (Fire) Lame Deer: Artists are the Indians of the white world. They are called dreamers who live in the clouds, improvident people who can’t hold onto their money, people who don’t want to face reality.”