Hello All: We wanted to give you an update on the ebook situation. Wow, talk about a fluid market! Currently we have floated an offer to both Tor/Forge and DAW Books in an attempt to resolve the compensation issue. Yes, dear fans, authors have bills and kids in college and want donuts from the local convenience store, just like everyone else. With the exception of the occasional retiree and college English professor, every writer on earth hopes that his work will be valuable enough that some publisher will pay him to write more! We hope this works out and that you will have access to all of our books in digital format soon. On another front, it was 42 degrees here this morning, which is cool for this time of year in northern Wyoming. August is usually our hottest month. Many of our cottonwoods, aspens and willows have started to turn yellow. Our squaw currants were bright red at dawn. Early autumn? Looks like we’d better start cutting wood for the woodstoves… Best Regards, Michael and Kathleen