Hi Everyone, It’s snowing today, frosting the red cliffs behind our house, and turning the buffalo into walking icebergs–though the cold doesn’t seem to bother them all. But they’ve spent 300,000 years evolving with the plants, animals, and weather in North America. They are a lot better suited for it than we are. It’s fun to watch them. When the drifts get deep, they swing their heads to clear the snow from the grass so they can graze. Every other animals benefits from their efforts. They create trails that make it easier for the deer, antelope and big horn sheep to travel and survive. We returned ten days ago from the Dakota Territory Buffalo show where we had a great time. For those who’ve asked, “Folsom,” our yearling bull, won Grand Champion Male. We’re so proud of him, as we are all of our buffalo. They are amazing animals and so enrich our lives. The title of our De Soto book has been changed from People of La Florida, to People of the Sword. As you will discover, Black Shell acquires a very important sword in the story, so the change seemed to fit. And we’ve just started the second book in our BATTLE FOR AMERICA series. The saga of Black Shell and Pearl Hand continues… In the meantime, we are almost finished with People of the Longhouse. A couple more weeks of revisions and we’ll send it off to New York to our fabulous new editor, Susan Chang, at Tor Books. This is a fascinating period in northeastern American archaeology. The Iroquois were building longhouses 400 feet long and surrounding them with log palisades to keep their villages safe. The warfare was intense, but it produced some legendary heroes. We hope you enjoy watching them grow up, fight their battles, and turn their entire world on end by founding the first peace alliance in the history of America…at least the first we can definitely identify as archaeologists and historians. May the Great Mystery keep you all safe. Regards, Michael and Kathleen