Hi Everybody! We are getting in the initial reviews for our first children’s book, due out July 7, 2009. We want to thank the great young readers at Flamingnet.com for giving CHILDREN OF THE DAWNLAND the Flamingnet “Top Choice Award.” Adult reviews of the book are, of course, important, but it’s what young readers have to say that is really important to us. In our world today, and especially in our educational system, it’s very difficult to write about the spiritual beliefs of the native peoples without being accused of–no, really–preaching satanism. It’s nice to know that there are still young people who care about the beliefs and traditions of others. Perhaps the greatest challenge for teachers in the future is to give children the multi-cultural education that is essential to the survival of our world. We believe it is primarily a lack of knowledge about other cultures that leads to hatred and aggression. We want to thank every teacher who has the courage to tell their students that the traditions of others are as important as our own. We know it’s not easy in today’s educational environment. Cheers, Mike and Kathy