Dear All, Buffalo and coyotes have an interesting relationship. The coyotes love to hang around the herd because as they move, buffalo hooves send field mouse, voles, and rabbits scurrying for cover, and the coyotes have a chance at breakfast. But the two species also play all the time. We spent the morning watching one young male coyote tease the buffalo into chasing him. The buffalo love the game. They wait for the coyote to sneak up close and wag his tail, then the buffalo toss their heads and charge him, chasing him out of the meadow. The coyote flies away at top speed, leading them on a twisting path toward the fence. Once on the other side, brother coyote leaps around, as though to say, “Ha! I beat you again.” An hour later, the game starts over. …they look like they’re having so much fun.