Greetings All: This is our first blog, and, like all things tackled as firsts, there have been a few teething problems. We have finally managed to work most of the bugs out, and invite your comments on our posts. With a few exceptions, most of the incoming comments have been spam. What’s with these people? Why would we want to post an insurance or loan ad on our website? In a recent post we introduced our new spin-off series on European contact with North America. The idea is that while the original PEOPLE series will continue as always, depicting North America’s pre-contact cultural heritage, we will also write about the arrival of the Europeans from the Native perspective. The first books will center on the de Soto expedition and the conflicts that it engendered among the Native Peoples. Contact books have been written before, but always from the European perspective. Think of John Smith and Pocohantis. We’ve always enjoyed poking holes in long accepted myths, and the de Soto you’ll find in the first contact book is going to be very different than the one taught in schools. The perspective of many modern American Indians is that de Soto marks the beginning of a “five-hundred year resistance.” What are your thoughts on the subject? We’re looking for a thoughtful and cogent discussion, but please, no profanity. All the best, Mike and Kathy