Greetings All: We’re still in awe. The opportunity to give a lecture in the great kiva at Aztec National Monument in New Mexico was a humbling and wonderful experience. This was, after all, the beating spiritual heart of the post-Chaco Anasazi world. Knowing that we were talking from the very seat of Power, we poured our hearts into making this the best presentation ever. Hopefully those who attended enjoyed the lecture and have a new appreciation of our nation’s Native heritage and how it shaped our American identity. We set an attendence record and almost filled the kiva. Afterwards the park bookstore sold out of copies for us to sign. To all who attended, thank you for coming. We know that some of you drove all the way from Abiquiu. We wish to thank Cyressa Bloom and the great staff at Aztec for all their hard work. Head archaeologist–and long-time friend–Gary Brown, gave us a fantastic tour of the East Ruin, the mystery tri-wall (or four-wall) mound, and the environs. These areas are currently off limits for visitors–a real shame given that seeing them exponentially expands a person’s understanding and appreciation of the Aztec site’s three great houses. Like all archaeologists, Gary is struggling to get funding to expand his ability to interpret the site’s archaeology. Please write your congressmen and senators. They seem to be throwing money around as if it were food in an elementary school cafeteria. Maybe they could throw some Aztec’s way where it would actually be put to use. Gary, Donna, bless you both for a wonderful evening under the trees, spectacular enchiladas, and the chance to catch up after all these years. We ask that anyone reading this visit Aztec National Monument in northern New Mexico. The Great Kiva is the finest example of a restored Anasazi structure anywhere. You will be delighted and amazed. Finally, we would like to thank Andy at Arches Bookstore in Moab, Utah. He carries our latest titles in one of the last and best independent bookstores in America. When you travel through Moab, Andy’s store is on the east side of Main Street. Drop in and say hello.