Greetings All! Amazon is back to shipping, as those of you who follow the fan club know. According to the reports, Barnes & Noble managed to get their distribution of PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE out by the lay-down date. Some Borders stores, we hear, are still waiting but will have copies available. This may already be a non issue. Speaking of the fan club. If you haven’t explored it yet, Google the following. Gear Fan Club: First North Americans. We’re currently debating the ethics of cloning mammoths. We would welcome your input. Also, if you have questions, are looking for a chat, or would like to share your thoughts on our books, it’s the place to go. We’re working on the third PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE novel, titled BROKEN LAND. When our editor asked how it was coming, we replied, “We’re having a lovely time with this one.” Why? Because we’re doing wonderful things with Iroquoisan spirituality. Seeing it through a different lens, if you will. At the same time, and because there are two of us, we’re half way through the final revisions for FIRE THE SKY. As usual, Jennifer Heddle, our wonderful editor at Simon & Schuster, sent an insightful and challenging letter. Good editors are such a blessing to have. Black Shell and Pearl Hand are getting polished for their February release date. The University of Indiana archaeological field crew will be back tonight for another ten-day working on the Nostrum Stage station. Dr. Scheiber’s students will be removing timbers and opening one of the collapsed rooms. Should be fascinating digging. Oh, and there’s swimming in the stock pond at days end. We’d tell you about the “magic carp” but that’s sort of privilaged info.