This is July 21. PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE has been out for one day and we are informed that Amazon can’t fill orders, or has delayed orders. We apologise for this. The book is apparently selling very fast. If you want to read it sooner, or if you would like a first edition, we recommend that you go to your local independent bookstore, Barnes&, Borders, Books-A-Million, Hastings, or other outlet where books are available. We hear that most retailers still have it in stock.

So far reviews for PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE have been outstanding. Thanks for all of your comments on Facebook and at the fan club site.

Meanwhile we’ve been delighted to have the University of Indiana archaeological field crew at Red Canyon Ranch. Dr. Laura Scheiber has one of the most progressive and innovative summer field schools for anthropology students that we’ve ever seen. She always leaves us in awe of her commitment, innovation, and abilities. From the looks of things, several PhD dissertations will result from research on the Nostrum stage station and the surrounding archaeology. If you’re interested, check out the University of Indiana department of anthropology.

We’ll be putting together another blog entry in the next week or so. Meanwhile revisions are due on FIRE THE SKY, the sequel for COMING OF THE STORM. Black Shell and Pearl Hand are having troubles of their own.

Thanks! We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

Mike and Kathy