March 28, 2011 Ah, life can be so interesting… While I’m finishing final revisions to the third book in the People of the Longhouse saga, THE BROKEN LAND, Mike is off to the Society for American Archaeology meetings to present a paper and moderate a panel. When he left this morning, his puppy, Jake, stood at my side to watch the truck head off down the road. Over the next hour, Jake had to go out five times to sniff Mike’s tire tracks, and when I finally forced him to come in out of the snow, he charged into Mike’s office and howled, listened for a response, then howled again at the top of his lungs. When all of that failed, Jake moped his way into the den and demonstrated his general malaise by peeing on a chair leg. He’s fine now, sleeping at my feet as I write, but it’s taken a lot of treats to convince him the world has not ended. At this rate, he will have gained three pounds by the time Mike returns.