Hi All, We’ve been finishing up our children’s novel, EYEWITNESS: THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN, 1876, for ages 7-10. It’s been great. We haven’t looked at Doug Scott’s book, ARCHAEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE LITTLE BIGHORN, for a few years, and it’s been a delight to be back in that world. When Doug headed up the excavation at the battlefield in Montana, the archaeology amplified and helped to explain the historical record–which is archaeology at its best. As we head for the 140th anniversary of the Little Bighorn battle, it’s good to remind ourselves why it happened and the results of the battle. The Little Bighorn forever changed America and the lives of the native peoples. We hope you and your children enjoy it! And most of all, we hope it helps you learn something about the impact of what is perhaps America’s best-known Native American/White battle.