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Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

It’s hard to believe it’s autumn.  For the first time ever we still have green grass growing on the ranch in October.  The buffalo are looking healthy and happy.  The great nutrition means the calves are just glossy and beautiful.  They play all the time, probably enjoying the last few days of lingering warmth.  Just as we are.  Hope you are all having a quiet beautiful Fall.

  Buffalo cow-Potosie--on Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming.

Great time at PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Hi All! Well, the first ever PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS is over, but we’re still smiling. We met so many wonderful people, and we had such fun! We have to tell you, the events were spectacular, but from a personal perspective, our favorite was the ice cream and coffee hour at the Black Bear Café. Intimate, one-on-one, that was special for us. However, the trips to Legend Rock Petroglyphs, Wind River Canyon, and the Wyoming Dinosaur Center were like little mini-vacations. We are grateful to have had the expert guidance of John Fish, Barb Vietti, and Greg Willson. Each event was so different, and so educational, we loved each one. The Thermopolis Chamber of Commerce is already working on how to make it better, with new and fascinating events. Thanks tremendously to all of you who filled out the comment cards. The Chamber is listening! Your observations and recommendations DID count. If you’re considering attending next year, please go to: thermopolischamber.org, and click on PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS, and let the chamber know! Next year the event will be held at the same time as the nightly rodeo–and should be tremendously fun. We can’t wait! Hope to see you all there!

Wyoming drudgery day

Today is one of those lazy Saturdays where we will spend most of the day clipping dead branches left by last winter’s massive snow storms. First thing, tackle the junipers that were split down the middle, then the cottonwoods and aspens. Finally, get to that dead lilac in front of the house that looks really ugly…

Fun Channel 13 Interview!

We recently sat down with Amanda del Castillo at Channel 13 in Casper, Wyoming, to talk about the upcoming PEOPLE OF THE EARTH DAYS in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Amanda did a great job! Thanks so much. http://www.kcwy13.com/todayinwyoming/headlines/Thermopolis-Introduces-People-of-the-Earth-Days-262370811.html

Rain at Red Canyon Ranch

Rained here last night. The air this afternoon is just crystal clear and fragrant with the mixed scents of wildflowers, lilacs, and the tang of juniper. 1.jpg

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