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Nebi, an orphaned buffalo calf that we raised on bottles of goat's milk.

It’s autumn and the oldest buffalo calves are just about weaned.  We can tell because the mothers kick at them when they try to nurse.  In a couple of months, they will all be on a grass diet.  They’re so beautiful this time of year.  They’re losing their summer coats and growing heavy winter hair.

Beautiful autumn day here..

2014-10-09 17.20.29

After an unbelievably wet and beautiful summer, the grass is finally turning brown on Red Canyon Ranch, and the buffalo are filling up on as much of the last green shoots as they can. 

Rain at Red Canyon Ranch

Rained here last night. The air this afternoon is just crystal clear and fragrant with the mixed scents of wildflowers, lilacs, and the tang of juniper. 1.jpg

Rainy Day Rodeo

After all the glorious rain we’ve had, the drive into town today proved very interesting! In these parts, we call it “4-Wheel Drive Rodeo,” meaning we bucked and twisted our way out of the ranch in 4-wheel-low-differential-locked while dodging the low-hanging tree branches. Jeez, it was fun…

We had smoked buffalo brisket for dinner with Mike’s green-chili-macaroni-and-cheese. Never met anybody who could turn away a second helping of Mike’s mac and cheese.

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