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Pyrite mirrors found in Arizona reveal ties to ancient Mexico.

Pyrite-Mirror-SnaketownMore than 50 polished pyrite mirrors were found in prehistoric graves at the Snaketown site, a Hohokam site, in Arizona.  Most were found burned and buried with cremated remains.  Pyrite mirrors like these were most likely made in Central Mexico and traded north to the U.S.  between AD 650 and AD 950.  Keep in mind that in many prehistoric cultures your reflection was your soul.  So a mirror like this was magical and a high status object. 


Rare petroglyphs revealed by monster surf in Hawaii: http://westerndigs.org/monster-surf-exposes-rare-petroglyphs-in-hawaii/

Hawaiian petroglyphsLast year monster waves, over 22 feet high, battered Hawaii and exposed rare petroglyphs… Very cool.


The Dark Side of Cultural studies… ISIS knows how to recruit.

ISIS and Pedophileshttp://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/09/what-isis-learned-from-pedophiles.html?via=newsletter&source=DDMorning

Understanding culture is the key to everything.  Really.  If you’ve ever shaken your head and asked, “Why on earth would an American or British teenager pack up and head for Iraq to join ISIS?” you’re not alone.  Unfortunately, ISIS is using their own culture against them.  

These extremists understand the fears and secret desires of youth in the Western World, and they know precisely how to exploit it.  As this article points out, ISIS has the pedophile playbook is following it right down to the letter.  

If this article doesn’t terrify you, we suspect nothing will.  


Fort Ancient culture and agriculture… http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/spring-2015/article/native-american-mound-builder-society-experienced-rapid-agricultural-development

Fort Ancient Culture MAP

Fort Ancient culture was a mound building culture and heavily reliant on maize agriculture, but were they “Mississippian” (People of the Morning Star)  or a separate mound building culture descended from Hopewell (People of the Lakes)?  We think they came directly out of Hopewell, but interacted with Mississippian peoples.  What do you think? 


Purgatorius! World’s earliest primate: http://westerndigs.org/bones-discovered-in-montana-are-of-the-worlds-earliest-primate-study-finds/

Purgatorius-bones-on-fingerSuch tiny bones for such an amazing discovery! 

Our oldest #evolutionary ancestor was no bigger than a shrew and built for climbing through trees.  The bones of this tiny creature were found in Montana at a place called Purgatory Hill, therefore this early primate is named Purgatorius, and dates to 65 million years ago.

Read more at: Purgatorius 2http://westerndigs.org/bones-discovered-in-montana-are-of-the-worlds-earliest-primate-study-finds/

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