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Lost Treasure and Breakfast in Llano, Texas with W.C. Jameson, Laurie Wagner Buyer Jameson

We sat under the trees, listened to the birds, and ate huevos rancheros at the Badu House Inn this morning with two of our favorite people in the world, W. C. Jameson and Laurie Wagner Buyer Jameson. Had a great conversation about lost treasures from the de Soto expedition. As those of you know who read FIRE THE SKY, de Soto lost almost everything when he set fire to the native town of Mabila in 1540, including some spectacular artifacts, gold coins, silver and gold cups, jewels, and the golden chalice that carried the sacred host. No one knows where Mabila was, though archaeologists have ideas. W.C. Jameson is the author of the great book, TREASURE HUNTER, as well as over 60 books on lost treasures in America. He posed this question: What would you do if you found the lost treasures of the de Soto expedition? Worth millions, at least. Turn them over to a museum? So…what would you do?

Turquoise revelations about Anasazi culture

The wonderful thing about new technology is the unexpected discoveries that emerge: http://www.archaeology.org/news/2012-140409-chaco-canyon-turquoise

First bison calf born

Hi All, One of the pleasures of spring in Wyoming is waiting for the birth of the first buffalo calf. Snow Star was born in the middle of a heavy wet snowstorm this morning. He was racing around like the wind within twenty minutes of hitting the ground–which is kind of an amazing thing. Usually their little legs are weak and wobbly for over an hour. Not this little guy. We figure he’s going to be a champion runner. Look out you wolves and coyotes.


What a beautiful morning here. Cold and still with stars so bright they hurt. The tang of junipers on the air stirs the blood. It’s only six days to the release of our first novella, COPPER FALCON, which is a prequel to the May release of PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR. Hope you enjoy it. We’re off to pick fresh watercress from the creek for a lunch salad.

Bison and Books

Hi All, When the autopsy of the 9,000 year-old bison recently discovered in Russia is finished, we should know a great deal more about North American bison. We hope the scientists particularly look for “Bos Taurus” or “beef” genes in this bison. It is inevitable that bison and aurochs (the ancestor of modern beef) were freely cross-breeding in Russia at this time, and that some of the genes being classified as beef genes in bison today, actually date to the beginning of the Holocene. The parasite study will also be interesting. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2572020/Autopsy-9-000-year-old-bison-reveal-parasites-plaguing-ancient-animals.html Also, don’t forget to register for the Book Giveaway of PEOPLE OF THE WOLF at Goodreads. Only two days left to register: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/860979.People_of_the_Wolf?from_search=true Hope you win! Mike and Kathy

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