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We just returned from ThrillerFest in New York. This is the finest writers’ conference in America. One of the best parts is just sitting around and catching up with old friends. But THE best part this year was getting the new galley of Mike’s civil war novel, THIS SCORCHED EARTH, which comes out in April of 2018.  Our editor, Claire Eddy, is doing such a beautiful job with this book.  Thanks to everyone at Forge Books for all their hard work.

Hope you are all happy and healthy, and having a wonderful July.


Mike and Kathy

Young Adult novel set 20,000 years ago…

We have had the best time writing our first Young Adult novel, set 20,000 years ago, at the height of the Pleistocene Ice Age.  What fun to writer about American lions, sabertooth cats, dire wolves, giant bison, mammoths and giant beavers.  Had Mike on tenterhooks (your word for the day) when young Lynx fell into the crevasse.  It’s great inspiration to be able to watch bison out the window while writing about their ancestors who roamed the continent twenty centuries ago.2014-06-22 15.46.29

Lost train of Nazi Gold found?

If this turns out to be the famed lost train, it will be very interesting.


Artifacts from Auschwitz… Would you want them on your mantle?

Why do you think someone would want to steal and keep an artifact from Auschwitz?   


The Lusitania is not your personal play thing, Bemis…it’s world heritage.


When the passenger ship, the Lusitania, was sunk by a German submarine in 1915, it became one of the pivotal moments of World War I.  Should any individual have “salvage rights”–which means the right to strip the Lusitania bare and sell the artifacts (think about the Titanic)–to a critical part of world heritage?  The Irish government is doing the right thing, trying to protect it from possible exploitation by a profiteer.  Good work, Ireland.




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