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Prehistoric temples on Maui reveal origins of First Kingdom. http://westerndigs.org/prehistoric-temples-on-maui-reveal-origins-of-islands-first-kingdom/

hawaiian-temple-sharpA new study of prehistoric temples in Hawaii has set out to discovery when the island’s native peoples first came together under a single ruler.  http://westerndigs.org/prehistoric-temples-on-maui-reveal-origins-of-islands-first-kingdom/

#Archaeology. World’s largest underwater museum…wow.

Mexico underwater-museum-1http://www.businessinsider.com/cancun-underwater-museum-museo-subacutico-de-arte-2015-5

Can’t wait to go see this magnificent underwater museum off the coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.  Just need to learn to scuba dive…


Athenian democracy…you know why it’s different from modern democracy.

Those who’ve read our PEOPLE OF THE LONGHOUSE quartet of books already know why American democracy–and modern democracies around the world–are different from classical Greek democracy.  People like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin valued and incorporated Iroquoian  democratic principles into the fabric of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Women, of course, were still excluded from voting.  In Iroquoia everyone voted, women, children, and often prisoners of war were allowed to vote.  

Here’s our question for you:  If you were a voter in ancient Greek society and you voted to go to war, you had to run home, grab you bow and armor, pack some food, and head off to fight.  So…if we were obeying Grecian rules of democracy, and you knew you had to fight if you voted to go to war in Syria, Iraq, or Iran, how would you vote?  http://www.historyextra.com/blog/ancient-greece/ancient-greek-democracy-similar-ours-we-think

Athens Greece  

Bog bodies…an archaeological perspective on the Weerdinge Couple

Take a careful look at these two bodies.  They are both men and date to around 2,000 years ago.  Do you think they were thrown into the bog and accidentally ended up in these positions?  Or did someone deliberately arrange them?  Why or why not?

http://www.archive.archaeology.org/1005/bogbodies/index.htmlBog Weerdinge Couple  two men 

1,000 years ago, all was not well in Denmark, Norway and England…


 PREVIEW!  PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL, coming May 26th! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/people-of-the-songtrail-kathleen-oneal-gear/1120327521?ean=9780765337252

     Father’s voice is urgent.  “And the succession, my lord?  Who rules now?”

     “Harald succeeded him, but the Danish fleet proclaimed his older half brother, Cnut, king.  In the confusion, Aethelred the Unready marched back from his exile in Normandy and drove Cnut out of England.  Aethelred rules England now and Harald is the Danish king, though Cnut asked Harald to share the kingship with him.”

     “Will he?”

     The man laughs bitterly.  “No.  But, trust me, Cnut will be king soon anyway.  Harald cannot stand against him.”

     Father glances at me, and a chill climbs my spine.

     My younger brother, Thord, leans sideways to whisper, “Why did Father look at you?”

     “I don’t know.”  But a black bubble is swelling in my chest.  When it bursts…

     “Cnuts army is mending ships.  He’s marshaling his forces to return to reconquer England.”

     Mother turns her back to us, and I watch her long red curls blow across her shoulders in the cool breeze.  She’s whispering to Father, but his tight eyes have fixed upon me and Thord.  

      “And what of our charge, sir?”

     The ealdorman pulls a jangling bag from his belt and hands it to Father.  “Personally, I think it’s a cruel myth, but if not, the girl may be useful to keep her mother in line.”

     The girl….



Those of you who’ve read our short story, THE DEAD MAN’S DOLL, have already met Thyra’s mother.  Do you really think anyone can keep her “in line”?

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