People of the WolfCan it really be true?  The math doesn’t lie.  It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago PEOPLE OF THE WOLF was first released. Since then it has gone on to sell nearly two million copies in the English edition alone and has been published around the world in more than twenty different languages.  As of last year PEOPLE OF THE WOLF was in its 30th printing!  For a quarter of a century now, Wolf Dreamer, Raven Hunter, Dancing Fox, and One Who Cries have been delighting readers around the world.  

Our thanks, especially to our Associate Publisher, Linda Quinton, who carried a box to the American Booksellers Association trade show in Las Vegas back in 1990 where we first saw the book, and were able to hand out copies to special book buyers.  

Who would have thought?  It’s been a marvelous ride and we’re still writing “People” books.

Thanks to all of you who have bought copies over the years and kept the story of America’s archaeological heritage alive!