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Almost spring at Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming


Well, the snow is almost all melted from the canyon ledges, and it’s turned out to be a gorgeous day here.  Almost feels like spring at Red Canyon Ranch.


Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

Nebi, an orphaned buffalo calf that we raised on bottles of goat's milk.

It’s autumn and the oldest buffalo calves are just about weaned.  We can tell because the mothers kick at them when they try to nurse.  In a couple of months, they will all be on a grass diet.  They’re so beautiful this time of year.  They’re losing their summer coats and growing heavy winter hair.

Beautiful autumn day here..

2014-10-09 17.20.29

After an unbelievably wet and beautiful summer, the grass is finally turning brown on Red Canyon Ranch, and the buffalo are filling up on as much of the last green shoots as they can. 

Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming

It’s hard to believe it’s autumn.  For the first time ever we still have green grass growing on the ranch in October.  The buffalo are looking healthy and happy.  The great nutrition means the calves are just glossy and beautiful.  They play all the time, probably enjoying the last few days of lingering warmth.  Just as we are.  Hope you are all having a quiet beautiful Fall.

  Buffalo cow-Potosie--on Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming.

Buffalo Skulls for Sun Dance

Buffalo are sacred animals for a number of people, including us. Over the past couple of decades, we have been happy to donate buffalo meat, skulls, and hides for Native American sacred ceremonies around the country. One of our friends came by this weekend to collect skulls for two different Sun Dances, one in South Dakota this summer, and another in Arizona next year. It’s always a good feeling to know that the spirit of the buffalo, present in the skulls, will be cared for and honored.

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