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First book signing for PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL!

Hi Everyone,

For those in range, we will doing the first book signing for PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL at Hastings Books in Laramie, Wyoming, next Saturday, May 30th.  It should be a fun time!  The Hastings folks always do a great job.

                                                        PEOPLE OF THE SONGTRAIL cover


Author Interview with K.S.Jones https://theresegilardi.wordpress.com/#_=_


No Place to Hide is an interesting book

Edward Snowden is an enigmatic figure, especially given the torrent of conflicting media coverage we’ve all experienced in the past year, but Greenwald’s new book–No Place to Hide–does little to clear up the ‘enigma’ part. Presumably, Snowden did not want his early life explored in this book, but that makes readers wonder why. What doesn’t he want us to know? If you’re on the Traitor side of the debate, you’re saying, “Well, he was probably an untrustworthy little twit growing up.” If you’re on the Hero side of the debate, you’re asking, “What happened to him as a child that would make him risk his very life to reveal Top Secret information to the world?” And believe me, after you read this book, you will be convinced he was risking his life. The things the U.S. government can do, and is doing, are frightening in the extreme. And moral questions abound. For example, imagine yourself sitting before a computer screen watching, in real time, a U.S. drone as it monitors the person it might kill, and you can stare into the eyes of the man’s three children, ages three, eight, and ten, smiling beside him, and you know the children are going to die, too…how do you feel? What’s the status of your “utilitarian ethics?” Is the greatest good for the greatest number the correct path? Is it the only path? Let us know your thoughts.

MOONLIGHT WATER, a book by Meredith and Win Blevins

We just read, with delight, the upcoming novel by Meredith and Win Blevins. With this book, they may well become the new Edward Abbey of the Southwest. MOONLIGHT WATER is filled with Navajo wisdom and an impeccable sense of the vast and wonderful desert from which it is born. We’re reading the Advanced Reading Copy, so we’re not sure when the book will be released, but when it appears on the shelves, we think you’ll enjoy the heartfelt story of a lost soul just trying to find some meaning in life. We did.


What a beautiful morning here. Cold and still with stars so bright they hurt. The tang of junipers on the air stirs the blood. It’s only six days to the release of our first novella, COPPER FALCON, which is a prequel to the May release of PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR. Hope you enjoy it. We’re off to pick fresh watercress from the creek for a lunch salad.

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