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Copper Falcon coming soon!
Copper Falcon Copper Falcon - Young Flint Knife mankiller travels with his exiled father, Chief Red Mask, from their distant village to the great city of Cahokia in search of warriors to repel a barbarian invasion. But betrayal and intrigue await, and Red Mask has violated his exile. Arrested, sentenced to die in a Cahokian square, Red Mask's fate is sealed, unless Flint Knife can trust a wily thief, make a bargain, and in the process save both his father and a family heirloom, a priceless Copper Falcon. Don't miss this prequel to PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR, pre-order today!..................

People of the Morning Star coming May 2014.
Fire in the Sky

People of the Morning Star -"Bead" a brilliantly evil assassin backed by barbarian Tula warriors, stalks the rulers of Cahokia. To stop him, the Powers of Sky and Underworld must unite before the Bead either kills the reincarnated Morning Star, or calls a terrible Power up from the Underworld. Against him stand only a clan elder, a scoundrel, a spirit-possessed beauty, and a heretical slave. Crackling with suspense and coming in May, 2014, PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR launches a new miniseries in equal parts political thriller and historical epic, steeped in Native American fantasy, and set in the majesty that was Cahokia.

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About Kathleen O'Neal Gear:

Kathleen began writing full-time in l986 and has over one hundred non-fiction publications in the fields of archaeology, history, writing, and buffalo conservation. She has authored nine novels under her own name, and co-authored twenty-three international bestsellers with her husband, W. Michael Gear. Their books have been translated into twenty-one languages. She and Michael live on a buffalo ranch in the Owl Creek Mountains Mountains of northern Wyoming.

About W. Michael Gear:

Michael has published twelve novels under his own name and authored another twenty-three with Kathleen. His work runs the gamut from historical, to prehistorical, to science fiction, to modern thrillers. All of his work deals with some aspect of anthropological theory. His MORNING RIVER was nominated for the Pulitzer prize in fiction, and the National Book Award in 1998.

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